This Is Where The McLaren P1 GTR Is Made

This is where P1 GTR track beasts are stored.

Enthusiasts wealthy and lucky enough to get into a McLaren P1 GTR not only get to experience the true terror of the track-only hypercar, but get a world-class experience as well. Customers that forked over $3.06 million for the hypercar also become a part of the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme, which gives them access to the automaker’s facilities and personnel. McLaren even built a special P1 GTR Workshop in Woking, which houses 12 pristine examples of the hypercar. Twelve P1 GTRs in one place is a collection of insane numbers.

Besides having a room with 11,832 hp and roughly $36 million in cars, the 12 P1 GTRs will have you tripping out with the incredible paint jobs selected by the customers. The facility is close to the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) facility, as well as the McLaren GT race team and is only used for looking after the track-focused hypercars. In this extremely shiny facility, engineers ensure that each hypercar is ready for bespoke events at circuits around the world. In addition to having access to McLaren’s engineers, facilities, bespoke racing events, and more, owners get to work with Frank Stephenson—McLaren’s Design Director—to design the hypercar’s livery. It goes without saying that the 30 P1 GTR owners are extremely lucky enthusiasts.

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