This Is Where To Go If You Love Everything Bugatti


Just don't expect a test drive.

For many die-hard Bugatti aficionados, the best place in the world to observe the firm's finest has been the Cite de l'Automobile museum in France. The state-owned collection of 500+ vintage cars is made up of over 120 Bugatti models, including some of the rarest and most important wares of Molsheim's most famous car company. As it's in France, though, it's a bit tricky for us in the US to visit on a whim, so it's great to hear the Petersen Automotive Museum is also opening its own expansive Bugatti exhibition.

Dubbed the 'Art of Bugatti', this new display will celebrate the mechanical and stylistic works of Ettore and Jean Bugatti: the father and son duo who arguably had the most prominent parts to play in making the Bugatti car company one of the most revered brands in the motoring world. Though the Petersen Museum hasn't revealed how many Bugattis will be showcased, the examples we do know of are arguably worth the price of admission alone. Even if the provided crib sheet of exhibited models does sound awfully similar to what's included in the Mullin Automotive Museum's collection - leading us to assume that Mullin has loaned some of its Bugattis to the Petersen for this year-long exhibition.

Not that it's a bad thing, mind you. In fact, it's a very generous move by Mullin, and it means we now have a hall full of Type 44s, Type 57s, an 57 Atlantic and a 41 'Royale' (along with a Type 64 that was finally given its body nearly 73 years after the chassis was assembled). Better still, the Petersen's 'Art of Bugatti' display will also place a spotlight on the often overlooked characters of Carlo and Rembrandt Bugatti, with presented examples of the furniture from the former and the sculptures of the latter demonstrating why the Bugatti family is considered to be a dynasty of highly talented artisans. Put simply, the 'Art of Bugatti' is a must-see for anyone who considers themselves to be a Bugatti enthusiast.


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