Lucid Gravity SUV Ready To Be Spotted In The Wild

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Lucid has high hopes for its electric SUV, and development has begun on public roads.

Lucid's highly-anticipated Gravity SUV has entered its next development stage and will be tested on public roads throughout the US. Lucid has provided two images of early developmental prototypes, and if you look closely at the front of the car, you'll see coordinates. They lead you to Trona Pinnacles in San Bernardino County, California. It's an interesting place to test off-road electric vehicles, and you'll likely spot one of these mules out there.

This next phase will test the various exciting claims Lucid is making, including unheard-of spaciousness, performance, and driving range. Lucid will likely hit the latter target, as the sublime Lucid Air became the first 500-mile EV in America, and the Gravity will use similar technology.

"I am excited to see the Gravity SUV moving forward so quickly in its development," said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of Lucid, highlighting that "it builds upon everything this company has achieved thus far and drives further advancements of our in-house technology to create a luxury electric SUV like none other."


Lucid says the Gravity was designed and engineered to "serve nearly any lifestyle or need." When it was slightly revealed in November 2022, we discovered that the Gravity would be available in five, six, or seven-seat configurations. The Gravity will also be used to introduce Lucid's new Glass Cockpit high-resolution displays running the American brand's in-house software and user interface.

Lucid provided some interior shots, and the six-seater seems to be the most luxurious model, with two captain's chairs that fold back much further than the average second-row seat. The five-seater will likely have loads of cargo space, while the seven-seater will be the model of choice for large families.

As we know by now, having a flat floor is one of the significant benefits of owning an electric vehicle. Interior designers have way more freedom regarding layout and seating configurations, as demonstrated by the EX90 Excellence.

2024 Lucid Gravity Front View Lucid
Lucid Motors

Though it hasn't been confirmed yet, the Lucid Air and Gravity likely share the same platform. Given Lucid's claims, carrying the Air's mechanical bits over makes the most sense.

The young EV brand can't afford to design an all-new platform, battery packs, and electric motors. Last year was Lucid's annus horribilis, and the company was struck by misfortune nearly every month. Besides introducing the tri-motor Air Sapphire, Lucid constantly made the news for not hitting its targets. It's off to a better start this year, promising it will double production, which it will likely reach thanks to more affordable models like the new rear-wheel-drive Air Pure.

The order books for the Gravity will open this year, adding some much-needed cash to Lucid's bottom line. It desperately needs an SUV to rake in the money and fund development for the rumored cheaper model.

2024 Lucid Gravity Top View Lucid
Lucid Motors

The model range will likely match the Air, possibly using the same trim names. The base model has a single motor that produces 430 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. Since the Gravity won't be as aerodynamically efficient, we don't expect it to match the 406-mile range.

Will Lucid be brave enough to build a tri-motor Gravity? Only a fool would bet against it if only so Lucid can continue its trend of beating Teslas Plaids to a pulp.

The three-motor setup produces 1,200 horsepower, meaning Lucid can rightfully claim the title of most powerful production SUV.

"The Lucid Air redefined the sedan category, and as our technology continues to evolve and lead the market, we are in a place where the Gravity is positioned to change the world of SUVs," said Rawlinson.

2024 Lucid Gravity Interior Overview Lucid Motors
2024 Lucid Gravity Interior Rundown Lucid Motors

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2024 Lucid Gravity Front View
2024 Lucid Gravity Top View

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