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This Is Where You Take Your Old School Lamborghini For Fixing

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Call it classic Lamborghini heaven.

Say you're fortunate enough to be the proud owner of a classic Lamborghini. As with any old car, Italian supercars especially, it's extremely important to find the right mechanic. Or what if you want to fully restore your Lamborghini, where do you go? Fortunately Lamborghini itself has the answer, and it's called the Lamborghini Polo Storico. This is an entire restoration center that also houses the automaker's historical archives, vehicle certification, and guarantees of the availability of numerous genuine spare parts and original blueprints.

The overall goal, obviously, is to preserve Lamborghini heritage and its greatest cars. For example, the archives contain the documentation of historical Lamborghinis as well as technical schemes, body colors, leathers, images and many publications made by the company. Not only is this information available on paper, but it'll also be accessible in a digitalized version for owners, journalists, and researchers. The center also allows clients to have the originality of the components for their cars checked by a technical committee which, if approved, will issue a certificate. Perhaps most importantly is that Lamborghini Polo Storico can supply spare parts for every model of Lamborghini classic cars.

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