This is Why Drag Racing Can Be Dangerous

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And this time it's called three broken vertebrae.

Drag racing can be an awful lot of fun. It can also turn ugly very quickly. Drivers, for a countless number of reasons, can potentially lose control of their car and the results can be pretty bad. Sometimes it's just some minor body damage that can be fixed quickly. Drag racing could even end in death, although that's pretty rare these days. However, the guys from 1320video were on a recent shoot and filmed a pair of old fox body Mustangs going head-to-head on the strip.

Suddenly, one of the cars spun out of control and smashed into the wall. The driver suffered three broken vertebrae. So anyone out there partaking in racing of any type, just remember to be careful and check over your car as thoroughly as possible before the checkered flag is waved.

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