This Is Why Elderly People Need To Retake Their Driving Tests

For your sake and theirs.

Let’s be honest here; this isn’t a new debate. More than likely we’ve all seen or perhaps even been in a car accident that was caused by an elderly driver. There’ve been plenty of arguments over the years declaring it’s necessary for senior citizens to have their driving abilities re-tested on a regular basis. It’d be both for their safety and yours. But that’s not exactly been happening and elderly drivers like this guy end up behind the wheel. Fortunately in this case no one was hurt, except for the old man’s Dodge Stratus.

Somehow he managed to drive his car up on to a curb in a completely empty parking lot, and the oil pan got smashed. A motorcyclist using the empty lot to do some wheelies witnessed the entire thing. Being a good guy, he checked to make sure the driver was OK. Physically he was fine. Mentally, no. The whole debacle starts at the 2:50 mark in the video ahead.

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