This Is Why Ford Prevented Tesla's S-E-X Lineup With The Model E

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Ford has plans for the Model E name, and it involves electricity.

With the recent release of the Tesla Model 3, many people may have forgotten that Tesla's least expensive model was supposed to be named the Model E. This would have created a Tesla lineup with the Model S, Model E, and Model X. Unfortunately, Ford already owned the rights to the Model E name. Therefore Tesla had to improvise with the name Model 3. No one knew what Ford was going to do with this name, however, we now have some details and you won't be surprised to hear that it involves hybrids and EVs.


Ford is planning to battle the Hyundai Ioniq with an upcoming model that will be offered as an EV, hybrid, and plug-In hybrid. This new model will be built in Mexico and will likely be released around 2019. The architecture would be shared with the next generation Focus, but with an all-new body. This car would replace the C-Max which has had its EPA ratings reduced not once, but twice. Nothing has been released to show what the Model E could look like, but we bet it will look similar to a Prius or the Hyundai Ioniq. Too bad Tesla couldn't complete its plans to have its lineup spell S-E-X (and eventually S-E-X-Y). Ford better not waste the opportunity by just building another failed Prius competitor.

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