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This is Why NASA Astronauts Love the Corvette

The ideal sports car for those who traveled to the moon.

Back during the glory days of NASA, astronauts were bigger than movie stars and athletes combined. These were the guys who risked it all for the journey of a lifetime: trips to space on top of massive rockets with the goal of making it to the moon. Their adventures to the moon’s surface and back to Earth are nothing short of epic. For these larger than life astronauts, there was only one car that could satisfy their crave for speed and fun on our planet’s surface: the Chevy Corvette.

And now Motor Trend’s Arthur St. Antoine meets up with Apollo 7 astronaut Walt Cunningham for an epic drive in a brand-spanking new Corvette Stingray. The pair reminisces about great sports cars and rockets while traveling from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center to Mission Control in Houston, Texas.

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