This Is Why Nearly Every McLaren P1 Is A One-Off

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McLaren Special Operations has been very, very busy.

Have you ever seen a McLaren P1 in person? If you've been lucky enough to spot one of these million-dollar hypercars, you can rest assured that the next one you see is going to be at least somewhat different. That's because, according to The Detroit Bureau, some 90% of P1 buyers have ordered their cars with some level of customization from McLaren Special Operations. And as we have showed you in many examples, these special orders can range from anything like a special paint job to extensive bodywork and modifications.

According to Paul MacKenzie, the man in charge of the Special Operations unit, the company never says no to any request that does not lower crash standards or breach government regulations. "When we started, we decided we wouldn't say 'no,'" he told The Detroit Bureau. "We said we're not going to be the style police." Even with some of the more outlandish designs and customization requests, the company has been respectful of "regional and cultural differences of our customers." In comparison, the unit has only customized about 15% of the McLaren 650S. So, the next time you see a P1, make sure to be on the lookout for those special touches added by its owner.

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