This is Why the 240Z Continues to Rule

Listening to its engine is "better than AC/DC."

Back in the early 1970s Datsun launched its now beloved 240Z, a sports car which took the industry by storm and surprise. Here was something that was relatively cheap, reliable and was fully capable of giving such names like Porsche and Alfa Romeo a run for their money both on the track and in the showroom. Powered by an inline-six engine with around 150 horsepower that was mated to a four-speed manual, the 240Z was never meant to break any world speed or performance records; it was just a pure sports car in every way.

There are still many on the road today, but the crew over at Electric Federal managed to catch up with one owner who has what is arguably one of most gorgeous 240Zs we’ve ever seen. It’s all completely stock and sounds so good that the guy prefers its engine note to AC/DC.

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