This Is Why The BMW E30 M3 Can Cost Upwards Of Six-Figures

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Shouldn't God's Chariot be an expensive purchase?

There are few cars out there like the BMW E30 M3. It's called "God's Chariot" for many excellent reasons. Though it's powered by an inline-four with only around 200 hp, the E30 M3 was never known for its output, but rather its track-tuned road driving capabilities. When the car launched in 1985, BMW was just beginning to be known as a luxury brand, while continuing to preserve and build upon its reputation for creating the very best driver's cars.

The E30 M3 is but one of many examples, though few have gone down in automotive history the same way this car has. What's funny is that for years E30 M3s really weren't worth all that much, kind of like the old classic-bodied Porsche 911s.

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But as Matt Farah points out in this new episode of The Smoking Tire, suddenly demand for vintage European street legal track-tuned cars went through the roof. If you want an E30 M3 in good shape, be prepared to pony up somewhere in the neighborhood of $75,000, perhaps more. The car featured in this video is a low-mileage 1988 E30 M3 that's had very minor modifications. It's nearly bone stock, and it drives and feels about as good as the day it rolled out of the factory.

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