This Is Why The BMW M760Li xDrive Is Worth $153,000

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BMW reminds us just how special its flagship sedan is.

Recently a lot of BMW-related stories on CarBuzz have been about the revived 8 Series. A new 8 Series would sit at the top of the range as the most powerful and luxurious offering. The thing is, that car doesn't exist yet. Therefore it can't wear those two crowns just yet. The current top-dog of the BMW lineup is the M760Li xDrive. Remember that V12-powered luxury barge? In case you forgot, the Bavarians threw together this video to remind you just what makes the M760Li xDrive so special.

For starters, did you know that there were two versions of this almost-M car out? The "Model V12 Excellence" is for those who think the regular M760Li xDrive is a bit too boy racer. Yeah, we don't get it either.

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This special 7 Series packs a lot more than just V12 badges. There is also an illuminated V12 door sill and special finishes on the grille. If you still need convincing that the M760Li xDrive is worth $153,800 then this is the video for you. There are other cars we'd rather spend that money on, if we had that kind of money, but after learning more about BMW's new flagship it's hard to knock those who do decide to pull the trigger on this sporty luxury sedan.

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