This Is Why The Camaro Is So Damn Hard To See Out Of


Wait, a car with linebacker-thigh-sized A-pillars is hard to see out of? Shocker.

People have been complaining about visibility and the Camaro since the fifth generation was launched in 2010. The reason for the bunker style vision is fairly simple. People like the way it looks and therefore buy it, accepting the drawback of limited outward visibility. Camaro Chief engineer Al Oppenheiser was asked by AutoGuide why it wasn't on the chopping block when the sixth generation was being designed. Well Chevy had a feedback session from owners and possible consumers before making a decision.

The prospective clients were asked how they would improve the Camaro and the answer was pretty unanimous. "I can't see out of it," was the most common answer. Oppenheiser, being an engineer explained that his team explored raising the sixth generations roof, lowering the belt line, along with other tweaks to aid visibility. The answer from the focus group was again unanimous. "Don't change it! We love the styling, that's why we bought it." Moral of the story is this: People like the styling and owners are willing to deal with slight drawbacks because of it. The 2016 sixth generation of the Camaro comes with an assortment of techno-visual aids to make driving easier.

Like the styling or not people will continue to buy it. We should be thankful because the new Camaro is awesome to drive and the Z28 is a perfect track day play toy. Stop whining, get driving..

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