This Is Why The Gorgeous Cadillac Escala Concept Must Be Built


Cadillac, are you listening?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Cadillac Escala Concept in the flesh and hopefully it won’t be the last. But given Cadillac’s history of designing and building brilliantly stunning concepts, displaying them for several months and ultimately sending them to a warehouse at an undisclosed location only to gather dusty for eternity, we’re a bit skeptical here. Cadillac brought the Escala to this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show and we were on hand, once again, to check it out. Only this time we brought our video camera.

We figured everyone needs to see some of the finer details of the Escala before Cadillac sends it away. Unlike the CT6 flagship sedan, the Escala features a five-door liftback design and much larger wheels. Yeah, those are 22-inchers.

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Combined with other concept-only styling bits like the lower roofline and sleek and narrow side mirrors, Cadillac still managed to sneak in some retro goodness, such as the steering wheel design. All in all, the Escala is the large flagship we’d love to see Cadillac build but chances are it’ll only serve as a styling inspiration. Too bad, because this is exactly what Cadillac needs if it wants to continue going upmarket.