This Is Why The Rear-Wheel Drive Huracan Is The Least-Powerful Lambo Around

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It actually makes sense.

The Lamborghini Huracan was built to sell. That's why its design looks a bit watered down compared to its predecessor, the Gallardo. Also, with its four-wheel drive system, even the least experienced of drivers can go around corners at all sorts of speeds and most likely (hopefully) won't crash. However, like the two-wheel drive Gallardo Balboni Edition, the Huracan just got its own RWD variant at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show.

Strangely, the two-wheel drive Huracan has less horsepower than the standard model, with a total of 580 hp versus the AWD's 610 horsepower. Motor Trend talked with Lamborghini chief of research and development Maurizio Reggiani to find out why the new model was detuned. Reggiani said that the Huracan is "a car engineered to be a fun-to-drive car… Fun-to-drive in the sense that people new to Lamborghini get a fantastic introduction to the brand." Also, having the Huracan with rear-wheel drive saves around 73 pounds by removing the front driveshaft and related hardware, according to Lamborghini. It also makes the steering rack lighter, improves weight distribution and makes drifting easier.

In addition, Reggiani says that having less horsepower "also allows us to reduce fuel consumption." As for the Gallardo Balboni Edition, that car came with a manual gearbox so why doesn't the RWD Huracan have one? Reggiani says that "you must develop and engineer a completely different kind of gearbox which means you are obliged to invest in the project." With all of these reasons, now we understand why the rear-drive Huracan has less power and no manual gearbox. It may sound a bit unlike Lamborghini but that won't stop journalists from raving about it once they take the wheel.

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