This Is Why The Toyota Prius Will Live Forever

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Even with Tesla breathing down its hybrid neck.

Love it or hate it, you can't argue with a car that has sold over five million units. There was a time when the Toyota Prius was a laughing stock. But with its latest redesign, upgraded avant-garde interior and "forward motion" design philosophy, the Prius has never been better. The sporty, edgy design cloaks a body that's built on the same chassis that will underpin the next-gen Camry, there's more space both up front and in the rear, and with improved body rigidity and lower center of gravity, Toyota claims the Prius is also exciting to drive.

It might not be the fastest off the line, but buyers could care less. What they want is a technologically-advanced, fuel-efficient and safe car to drive. In that regard, the Prius delivers. Big time.

Its radical new design is just an added bonus. Would we buy one? That's something we discuss in our latest unboxing video. Special thanks to Toyota Marin in San Rafael, California, for letting us shoot the Prius.

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