This is Why We Love Vintage Land Rovers

There's just something about an old 4x4 with a tire on the hood.

Once upon a time, Land Rover wasn’t a premium luxury brand. The original Land Rovers were rugged and built to withstand just about any terrain on Earth. Things like A/C, leather seating, and any other sort of electronic or high-tech gizmo didn’t exist. They just weren’t needed. True off-roading is about adventure and the unknown. For Pav Litwinski, a freelance automotive photographer, his ideal means of transportation is a Land Rover Series III, which was in production from 1971-1985.

He loves this thing so much that he refused to sell it a few years back when he came under financially tough times. That’s true gearhead devotion. Pav now spends his time shooting exotic cars and exploring the sand dunes in Central California. Not a bad way to earn a buck.

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