This Is Why You Should Always Drive A Supercar With Two Hands

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One-handed driving is OK for long highway cruises, not hot laps in a McLaren 12C.

The CarBuzz team was in awe of the McLaren 650S Spider when it was in our garage for a few days last year. The supercar was given a good thrashing on our favorite driving road. We didn't push the car to its limits because our skill would have run out before the 650S reached its full potential. One thing everyone who got behind the wheel did was drive with two hands. (Oh, and wear a seat belt.) Why would you not do such a thing in a car so powerful? That seems like a no-brainer. As this video proves, it's not.

In it YouTuber superspeedersRob dissects a crash that likely happened at one of his Gotham Dream Cars track events. From the video's title it looks like $99 bought a few laps around a test track in a McLaren 12C. What that money didn't buy apparently was an attentive driving instructor.

On the last lap the driver is repeatedly told to floor it. He then understeers going into a turn and smacks right into a curb. According to Rob Ferretti the damage came in at $125,000. Throughout the whole video the instructor never once tells the driver to put both hands on the wheel. There's obviously a lot going on. The instructor has to offer advice and make critiques in such a short amount of time that it's easy to forget things. Two hands on the wheel is one of those easy things to forget. Unfortunately the easy mistakes sometimes end up being the costliest. The good news is that both occupants seem to be OK. Insurance most likely covered the damages. Anyone care to guess if the driving instructor was let go?

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