This Is Why You Should Buy This $13,000 Ferrari F40

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Unfortunately this Fiero-based replica wasn't always this cheap.

Replica supercars are oftentimes an absolute disaster. Most are based on some kind of Pontiac, with the Fiero often the model of choice as the donor car as it's mid-engined and can be purchased extremely cheap. The Fiero was often called the "poor man's Ferrari" because it was used to recreate many different Ferrari models, including the 348, 355, and even the legendary F40. Some of these replicas look terrible, but we found an F40 that doesn't look half bad. Before you freak out, hear us out.

The Fiero F40 we found was first posted to Craigslist in California for $35,000, which seemed like an OK price for a car which probably had extensive work done to turn it into an F40. Now it's up for sale at the NBS Auto Showroom in Milpitas, California. It is now being offered for $13,488 which is less than half of the original asking price. We can tell it's the very same replica car because the odometer shows around 110,000 km. The previous seller mentioned that this was a European model, which showed kilometers rather than miles. This means the car has around 68,000 miles on it, which is the same amount that it had when it was up for sale at $35,000.

This Ferrari F40 replica is one of the better ones we've seen. Even the 250 GT California that was used in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was a replica, so some of the fakes can actually be quite good. The exterior of this Fiero looks decent enough, but the interior is always where these replicas fall short. Compared to others, this car makes a nice effort to look like an F40 on the inside. It has red seats that look reminiscent of the ones found in the F40, which is all we would expect at this price. We wouldn't want to be caught with this thing in our driveway, but we can understand its appeal. Most gearheads will never have the cash needed to afford a real Ferrari F40, so why not play pretend with a cheaper replica?

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