This Is Why You Should Never Buy A Car Sight Unseen

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This guy paid $85k for a "pristine" Lamborghini Gallardo sight unseen - imagine his horror when it arrived in this condition.

Buying a sight unseen car is always going to be risky. Common sense should dictate that you must always inspect a used car before agreeing to buy it. Unfortunately for the buyer of this Lamborghini Gallardo, they learnt that lesson the hard way. Nick Rienzo stumbled upon a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo for sale in Florida through Select Motors of Tampa. It was love at first sight, and since Rienzo resides in California he agreed to buy it for $85,000 sight unseen with no prior inspection. It's safe to say he lived to regret that decision.

The dealer claimed the supercar was in "terrific condition" – but Rienzo was in for a shock when it arrived. Recounting the experience on Facebook, Reinzo says how there were initial warning signs when the dealership sent him a video of the Gallardo being prepared to be transported to him with green calipers, when they were gold in the advertised photos.

At this point, alarm bells started to ring and he tried to cancel the deal but was "hung up on multiple times." The dealer described the condition of the Gallardo as "pristine," but the exotic Reinzo received was in the worst condition the delivery driver had seen in 10 years - not what you want to hear after waiting excitedly for your supercar to arrive. Upon arrival, the Gallardo was tarnished in dirt, but that was only the start of its blemishes. Many parts were broken including the door handle, taillights, window switch and a missing fuel cap. Worse still, the car was leaking oil and Reinzo suspected it was repainted and had been in a flood.

According to the video description, Reinzo has filed a lawsuit against the dealer, but his attorney is being ignored. Why Reinzo had his heart set on this specific Gallardo remains a mystery, considering they're not hard to find for less than $100,000. This ordeal could easily have been avoided if he had taken a trip to inspect the car or paid a mechanic to give their opinion. The moral of the story – if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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