This Is Why You Should NEVER Run A Red Light


In case you needed reminding.

If ever that was an argument for autonomous cars, then this is it. Humans are fallible. We make mistakes, lose concentration, misjudge stopping distances and, in the case of this driver down under, occasionally fall asleep at the wheel. Courtesy of a dash-cam video, we can see the ill-fated trailer-towing station wagon driver approach the red light with what appears to be every intention of blowing straight through it. Lo and behold, that’s exactly what happens.

Unfortunately for him and the bus that t-bones him, the road wasn’t clear. As you will see, as the driver passes the red light and hits the center of the intersection, he gets heavily impacted by a bus travelling perpendicular to his trajectory.

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The screech of the brakes reveals the bus driver tried desperately to stop, but to no avail. He ends up slicing through the back of the wagon sending it and the trailer spinning in opposite directions. Apart from shock and a sore neck, thankfully neither driver suffered any serious injury.