This Is Why You Shouldn't Try And Steal A Tesla

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If you steal a car, you probably shouldn't take it in to your local service center.

Stealing cars is shameful, immoral behavior that has no place in civilized society. But stealing a Tesla? That's just dumb.

Teslas are among the most secure, theft-proof cars on the road today, thanks to their high-tech electronic gizmos and Tesla's forward-thinking attitude when it comes to cybersecurity. Those who are foolish enough to try nabbing one often get caught promptly, thanks to their adept GPS tracking system.

Still, every now and again, a would-be Tesla thief evades the authorities, or gets brought down by something else - as happened in a recent case of grand theft auto in the Czech Republic.

2017-2020 Tesla Model S Front View Driving Tesla
2017-2020 Tesla Model S Rear View Driving Tesla
2017-2020 Tesla Model S P100D Side View Tesla

Czech website ElektrickeVozy reports that on Monday, a man brought a Tesla Model S in to a Tesla service center in Prague, telling the shop that he'd run the car down to 5 km of remaining range and didn't know how to recharge it. The service center obliged, at first, taking down the VIN and assisting the driver.

It was at about this point, however, that the shop realized they'd already serviced this particular Tesla Model S, yet the driver was unknown to the shop employees - and the employees apparently unknown to the driver. So, the service center employees phoned the number they had on file for the car's owner, asking if his car had been stolen.

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2017-2020 Tesla Model S P100D Front View Driving Tesla
2017-2020 Tesla Model S P100D Front View Driving Tesla

"Yes," the owner said. "How do you know?"

"Because the thief was so stupid that he came to the clinic and wanted to recharge," replied the service center employee.

ElektrickeVozy reports that the shop employees subsequently called the police, and ten minutes later, they arrived on the scene to cuff the would-be Tesla thief and return the car to its rightful owner.

Of course it's unfortunate any time an owner has to go through a vehicle theft, but we're happy that things worked out for this Tesla Model S owner - and stunned that the perpetrator would try and recharge it at a service center.

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Source Credits: ElectrickeVozy

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