This is Why You've Never Seen a Koenigsegg Crash

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Not only is the Agera one of the fastest cars on the planet, it could also be one of the easiest to drive.

The Swedish boutique supercar maker may have only rolled out a hundred or so cars, but you would have thought at least one Koenigsegg owner would have totaled their ride by now. Are the drivers especially careful when taking them for a spin? Rob from Super Speeders would argue it's simply because Christian von Koenigsegg's spectacular supercars are nothing short of idiot proof. Need to slam on the brakes at 186 mph? No problem. In fact you don't even need to hold the steering wheel and the car will remain in a perfectly straight line.

The video also shows just how awesome the Agera's stability control is when employing high-speed emergency maneuvers, while slaloming at 100 mph is child's play. Next time you see a wrecked Ferrari or overturned Lambo, you'll say: "Should have got a Koenigsegg."

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