This Is Your Best Look At The New BMW M3 GTS

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And yes, 'those' exhausts will happen.

The BMW M3 and its coupe sibling, the M4, are set for a full reveal very soon and as fanboys have slowly started to get over that horrendous front grille arrangement, excitement has been building. We had more reason to celebrate the M3 and ignore its unsightly front end when we learned that BMW is developing an M3 wagon - something enthusiasts have been begging for since forever. But this week BMW ruined things for us again. A spy shot revealed what appears to be the next M4 GTS with a horrible exhaust arrangement that makes the front look good in comparison. How would this be implemented on a BMW M3 CSL/GTS? BMW43 on Instagram has the answer.

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We're not sure if there's something in the water over in Munich or if somebody is trying to be a less appreciated designer than Chris Bangle, but we really thought that 2020 couldn't get any worse until we saw this. Nevertheless, there's not much we can do about it so we may as well try to get accustomed to it, and renders like these do help in that respect. Like the F82 M4 GTS before it, the artist has given the G80 M3 GTS - should such a thing ever exist - bright orange pinstripes on the multispoke wheels and rear diffuser. This accent would likely be mirrored on the front lip.

Front Angle View BMW
Rear Angle View BMW

A lightweight carbon fiber wing will sit atop the trunk lid while the artist has also added a dark accent to the rocker panels and fins behind the rear wheels. The usual carbon roof will remain in place too. Perhaps a more aggressively bulging hood will be a feature, too. Whatever happens with the rest of the car, we can't help but think that an exhaust system that looks like a gas mask is a horrible idea. It's not often we say this before a new model arrives, but we really can't wait for the following generation. Hopefully, that model will be less hurtful to our eyes.

Source Credits: BMW Blog

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