This Is Your Best Look Yet At The All-New Aston Martin DB11

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The DB9 successor will be with us next year.

Standing in a garage somewhere in Europe is the Aston Martin DB9 successor. We're not sure if the car everyone is now calling DB11 is still there, but when it was this is what it looked like. Following spy shots of a prototype testing at the Nurburgring come these stunning photographs of the all-new sports car. Set to be unveiled next year, most likely in Geneva, the Aston Martin DB11 will ride on an all-new platform, boast the latest in suspension technology, come with new electrical architecture and a smattering of lightweight materials.

Styling cues will come from James Bond's latest toy, the DB10, and the relatively exposed front end reveals what to expect of the Aston's new nose. No joy at the rear, however, where camo is keeping everything here well concealed. The DB9 successor will be offered with a choice of V12 and V8 power. The 6.0-liter V12 will continue to be built by Ford in Cologne, while a variant of the 4.0-liter V8 used in the Mercedes-AMG GT will be available as a result of Aston's and AMG's recent partnership. Aston's version will have a distinct soundtrack and power output, while rear-wheel drive only is a given.

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