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This Is Your Best Look Yet At The Porsche Taycan

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The camouflage isn't exactly subtle.

Porsche is preparing to unveil the all-electric Taycan this September at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show. As the reveal draws closer, the automaker has begun testing lightly camouflaged prototypes of its upcoming Tesla Model S fighter. Compared to previous prototypes, this one is dressed in eye-catching blue and black camouflage plastered in Taycan logos. Porsche isn't even attempting to hide the fact it's a Taycan prototype this time. The side profile also has prominent "Soul, electrified," just in case you didn't know the Taycan is electric. At this stage, the Taycan looks practically production ready.

As expected, the Taycan looks similar to the Mission E Concept, but adopts a unique front bumper with three blocked off air intakes. Like previous prototypes, we can also see the Taycan's slim headlights recessed in the hood, while the shape of the taillights looks like the new 911's.

There's also an aggressive rear diffuser at the back, and Porsche has removed the fake exhaust tips seen on previous prototypes. The massive brake calipers suggest we could be looking at the range-topping Taycan Turbo. Elsewhere, we can also spot the cover for the charging port on the driver side front fender.

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Our spy photographers didn't manage to snap any new photos of the interior, but previous spy shots have shown the Taycan will have a digital instrument cluster, a wide infotainment screen, and a three-spoke steering wheel.

As for specifications, Porsche has already confirmed the Taycan will have two electric motors that produce a combined output of over 592 hp. This setup will enable the car to accelerate from 0-62 mph in less than 3.5 seconds and 0-124 mph in less than 12 seconds while delivering a range of over 310 miles. While the Porsche Taycan will make its public debut at Frankfurt in September, there's a good chance it will break cover earlier online sometime in the summer.