This Is Your Chance To Own Matt Farah's Nearly Perfect DeLorean

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Only 4,400 miles on the clock.

If you are a fan of "Back To The Future" or just love DeLoreans, this may be your chance to own one of the most pristine examples we have ever seen. The current owner is none other than Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire and /DRIVE. Farah purchased the car four years ago. It was originally sold in 1984 and driven for just 2,450 miles before being parked in LA for 28 years. Under Farah's ownership, the car was properly restored and comes with an extensive history file including the original bill of sale and window sticker.

Not long after buying it, Farah had the car completely restored by DMC. The "Fix Everything" kit replaced over 40 items that are typically prone to fail such as an engine rebuild and all-new wiring. The car has also been given a DMC stage II performance pack which includes upgraded cylinder heads, camshafts and exhaust, all of which add up to 200 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. The suspension was also upgraded to Eibach springs and dampers. As of this writing, the current bid is $31,000 with three days left on the auction. Considering the restoration cost over $25,000, Farah's DeLorean looks like an exceptional value. This Delorean may not be perfect, but Farah kept it pretty close.

You can even watch Farah talk about the restoration process on YouTube.

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