This is Your New London Taxi

Electric Car

Bye-bye Hackney Carriage. Hello Nissan van.

New York City has its yellow cabs, while London has its famous Hackney Carriage, commonly known as the "Black Cab." But that classically British cab will soon be a thing of the past because it's being replaced by the Nissan NV200. Set to hit the streets next December, the NV200 platform has been further modified by Nissan’s European design center in the UK. By working with the city’s mayor’s office as well as London taxi drivers, Nissan redesigned the vehicle to better reflect the iconic nature of the black cab.

Power will initially come from a 1.6-liter gasoline engine paired to an automatic gearbox, a combo that’s actually cleaner than the diesels currently in use.

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In 2015, however, a zero emission pure EV version will launch. Specific changes made for the London NV200 include round headlamps and a re-modified grille mirroring the traditional black cab "face," LED lighting, and new front bumper panels. There’s no doubt this new London cab will be a bit controversial for some, but after decades of use, city officials want the old Hackney Carriage retired.