This Isn't The First Time A Subaru BRZ STI Concept Has Appeared

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Is it the one we've been waiting for?

We know. We've all seen something like this before and Subaru apparently just loves teasing a vehicle it's said will never reach production (at least the version we want). Subaru has just unveiled a single image of its new BRZ STI Sport Concept, which will make its live debut at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon. So far there's only this one image and though it looks like a regular BRZ, there are a few differences: The exterior has a new set of 18-inch wheels and a unique body kit featuring a slightly more aggressive front fascia.

Step inside and there's Bordeaux Red upholstery. What we can't visibly see are the supposed performance upgrades that Subaru has yet to disclose. What we can tell you is this: the 2.0-liter Boxer four isn't turbocharged. As we previously learned directly from Subaru, there won't be a turbocharged BRZ because, essentially, it would become a different car altogether. Adding a turbo would add both weight and price. Aside from aftermarket modifications, the best stock BRZ you can get will feature the new for 2017 Performance Pack, featuring Brembo brakes, suspension tweaks, a reprogrammed stability controls system and different wheels that are 0.5-inches wider.

Although the pack doesn't add power, it's still very reasonably priced at $1,195, thus keeping the BRZ affordable. So if you want a more powerful BRZ, the only solution is for you to add the power yourself. It's totally possible and doesn't have to be expensive.

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