This Isn't The Subaru BRZ STI We Wanted And Why That May Be OK

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Better than nothing.

Not long after the Subaru BRZ launched, the first BRZ STI concept was unveiled. Just last week, Subaru unveiled a second BRZ STI, this time even more powerful and tempting. And there's still no production commitment. Why even bother with a couple of concepts if a production-spec isn't planned? We really don't have a clue, and Subaru didn't tell us much when we asked them at New York. But what we may end up with isn't all that bad, according to Automobile Magazine.

After a recent trip to the Suzuka Circuit in Japan to test drive the BRZ tS tuned by STI, the publication walked away impressed. However, this BRZ doesn't have any additional power; it's simply been dynamically tuned by STI. What's more, it may be coming to the US. But will those who've been clamoring for a BRZ STI be impressed?

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