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This Isn't The Subaru BRZ STI We Wanted And Why That May Be OK

Better than nothing.

Not long after the Subaru BRZ launched, the first BRZ STI concept was unveiled. Just last week, Subaru unveiled a second BRZ STI, this time even more powerful and tempting. And there’s still no production commitment. Why even bother with a couple of concepts if a production-spec isn’t planned? We really don’t have a clue, and Subaru didn’t tell us much when we asked them at New York. But what we may end up with isn’t all that bad, according to Automobile Magazine.

After a recent trip to the Suzuka Circuit in Japan to test drive the BRZ tS tuned by STI, the publication walked away impressed. However, this BRZ doesn’t have any additional power; it’s simply been dynamically tuned by STI. What’s more, it may be coming to the US. But will those who’ve been clamoring for a BRZ STI be impressed?

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