This Japanese Supercar Will Make You Forget About Ones From Italy

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But does that make it worth an absurd amount of money?

Italy makes supercars, Britain is known for luxury, America is the home for muscle cars and Japan is for everyday reliability. Is that an appropriate depiction of these countries' vehicles? If the aforementioned description is even slightly correct, then this 2012 Lexus LFA proves that general consensus wrong. The LFA was a project that took the brand nine years to put into production and was supposed to be the automaker's halo car for future generations. Unfortunately, the LFA's $375,000 price tag stopped it from becoming the supercar it should've been.

Thanks to James Edition, one buyer will have the opportunity to own Lexus' one and only supercar, which is finished in a stunning Pearl Red. This LFA comes with 1,746 miles on the clock and only has one previous owner that kept the supercar in excellent condition. The rare exterior color is accented by the supercar's red and black interior. There's no price listed for this specific LFA, but prices for the used Japanese beast have hovered around the $400,000 mark long after the vehicle was introduced. It may not be the cheapest, fastest or the prettiest, but the LFA proves that Japanese automakers can make supercars that are just as good as the ones from Italy.

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