This Jet-Powered Van Could Very Well Kill You

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Your one-way ticket to this year's Darwin Awards ceremony.

Most people like to drive fast as long as it'll be possible to come to a complete stop with everything intact. That's important. And then there those who like to live life on the edge. Sometimes this dangerous lifestyle involves really dumb choices, one of which may just be piloting (or even owning) this Ford E350 van with a jet engine strapped to the roof. It's a death trap if it really works as the Craigslist seller claims.

Supposedly this thing is a Bonneville Salt Flats record holder, and it's also a "super sexy chick (sic) magnet" – their words, not ours. In fact, the entire ad reads like it was written while drunk. Come to think of it, it probably was. Save this historic sled from the screaming frying pain of smelter may have air." Oh Craigslist, how wonderful art thou for exposing the world's crazies. Not surprisingly, no sale price was given. Hat tip to James.

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