This Kia Could Be The World's Tiniest Camper Van

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It's shorter than a two-door Mini hatchback but can sleep four people.

We thought that camper vans couldn't get much smaller than the Volkswagen Caddy California, but we were so wrong. A Korean motorhome specialist called Daon TNT decided that camping with a smaller footprint is a real need, so they've come up with something truly unique called the Ravy, which is based on the diminutive city car called the Kia Ray. Sold only in Korea, the Ravy measures just 141.5 inches in length, making it over 23 inches shorter than the Kia Soul and nearly 10 inches shorter than the Mini Cooper two-door hatchback. Hardly the starting point for a camper van, you'd think.

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Yet somehow, Daon TNT has made it all come together remarkably well. They've managed to cram a mini kitchen, a bed, an electricity supply, and storage for all your camping gear into the tiny space. With the front seats folded flat, the entire cabin space can be converted into a fairly large sleeping area. With the pop-up roof erected and its own mattress lowered, the Ravy can theoretically sleep four people, which is quite something on its own. Between the normal front doors, the rear hatch, and the rear-side sliding door on the passenger side, the Ravy makes access as easy as possible.

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Along with all these features, the micro camper comes with LED interior lighting, a pop-up heater outlet, and a power bank battery. Although its footprint is tiny, it's taller than most city cars with a height of 66.9 inches. That's nearly four inches taller than the Kia Soul. When the front seats are in their normal position, the rear compartment offers a sofa-like environment from which to chill and take in the sunset. A slide-out kitchen sink completes an almost full traditional camper van experience. Power output is reportedly a mere 75 horsepower from a 1.0-liter gas engine, but then again, there isn't much car to ferry around. The undeniably cute Ravy shows that bigger isn't always better.

Daon TNT Daon TNT/YouTube Daon TNT/YouTube Daon TNT/YouTube

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