This Kid Built A Custom Trophy Truck Out Of His High School Ford Ranger

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Even if Ford makes a Ranger Raptor, it may not be as cool as this.

This is the love story we all wish would happen because more often than not, the chance to tune our first car to the state we really want to see it passes us by. You remember your first car and how much you loved it. It may have been a total POS, but it'd still get a pat on the hood and promise that you'd fix all its problems, maybe throw a V8 under the hood, and win races so everyone else can see your pride and joy the same way you do. We're drawn to this modded truck simply because that's what Jake has done,

In this case, we're also exited by it because it reminds us of the truck of our fantasies, a Ford Ranger Raptor. Recently, the Blue Oval's upcoming midsize truck made headlines when a heavily camouflaged example was spotted testing, wearing what some would saw was the kind of body and modifications you'd expect on a Raptor version of the Ranger.

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It got imaginations around the world jogging but this guy, Jake, built his own version of that in high school. It may rattle like it's about to come apart, but the hardware is solid. Everything, from the roll cage that's certified to race in a trophy truck race to the long travel suspension, is built to mangle the competition no matter the terrain. Everything, that is, except for the engine. So far, this Ranger is left with the same motor it left the factory with, but Jake has plans to swap it for a V8 of some sort. Even though the story of his first car love may not be complete, the saga is ongoing, He's also at least quite a bit further than most of us will ever be/have ever gotten.

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