This Kid May Become a Future Racing Champion

Many of the great racing drivers started training from a young age.

If you want to become a professional race car driver, let alone a champion, it’s vital to begin training at a young age. Sixteen is too old. No, learning how to race really should begin even younger, and it’s called karting. Instead of competing in typical sports that a young kid might normally play, this group of young drivers is already learning the ins and outs of how a racing car functions. This isn’t the typical driver’s education class here. For example, nine-year-old Curtis has already been karting for two years.

He’s experienced and knowledgeable enough to explain the way grip works, and probably a ton of other racing essentials. Impressive. Young Curtis here may even one day go all the way. Even greats like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button began their racing careers at this level.

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