This Kitt Car Would Definitely Get a Yes from The Hoff

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Thank God he only cloned the car. Another David Hasselhoff would be too much to bear.

The international Comic Con ended just three weeks ago in San Diego. It brings together the biggest collection of TV and movie fan boys on the planet. We are not sure if this guy got the invitation to attend but if he did he surely would have made a bigger splash than the Hoff jumping into the waves to save a young and hot Pamela Anderson. He created Kitt by taking a '91 Trans Am GTA and changed the fenders and hood. He then added a nose from Season 4 and the dash from Season 1.

It's clearly the car of his childhood dreams and we dig his enthusiasm for taking on the project to begin with. The Hoff would be proud. Heck, so would Pamela.

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Easter Egg: For some good old fashioned Sunday fun, we challenge you to sit through all three minutes of the Hoff's "Jump in My Car". To make things fair, we found a hilarious animation video version to play it with.

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