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This Koenigsegg CCXR Edition Is One Of Only Four Ever Made

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But be prepared to pay an extortionate asking price for such exclusivity.

Only four examples of the Koenigsegg CCXR Edition rolled off the assembly line back in 2008 – and now one of them is looking for a new owner. Listed for sale on Auto Trader by GVE London, this specific example is also truly one of a kind because it's the only model that was built in right-hand drive.

Power is provided by a twin-supercharged V8 that pumps out 876 hp, but that can be increased to 1,004 hp when running on ethanol. Compared to the standard car, the CCXR Edition benefits from stiffer springs, revised anti-roll bars, new dampers, and a lowered chassis. It was also sold with distinctive 11 spoke aluminium wheels and an adjustable twin-deck rear wing, while the immaculate exterior is finished in bare carbon fiber.

Since leaving Koenigsegg's factory in Angelholm ten years ago, the CCXR Edition has clocked up just 1,070 miles, so it should drive like a dream if it's been well maintained. Such exclusivity commands a steep price, however, as this Koenigsegg CCXR Edition will set you back a cool £1,800,000 ($2.31 million). It's an extortionate asking price, but the reported list price was originally £1,197,426 ($1,548,662) back in 2008, so the appreciation isn't quite as astronomical as other hypercars.

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The CCXR Edition also serves as a reminder of just how far Koenigsegg has come in a decade. Back then, the Swedish automaker wasn't very well established in the auto industry. The CCX put the manufacturer on the map and later spawned the acclaimed Agera and the hybrid Regera, establishing Koenigsegg as one of the major players in the hypercar scene today.