This LaFerrari Arrived With The Worst Factory Paint Job We Have Ever Seen

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This thing comes with a warranty, right?

When you decide to plop down over a million bucks on one of the most exclusive hypercars on the market, you would expect to receive a beautifully engineered car that arrives polished and shined to perfection. Well, that didn't happen when this lucky LaFerrari buyer received his car (at least he was allowed to purchase a car). Before taking delivery, the soon-to-be owner had it sent to the detailing shop, which is where the paint damage was discovered.

According to the detailer who uploaded the video, the car was delivered straight to him from the factory "Brand new with swirl marks, scratches, buffer marks, and deep sanding marks." And as you can see from the video, the quality of paint certainly seems surprising for such an expensive car. But, hey, weight savings right?

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