This LaFerrari Encounter Will Make You Furious With Envy

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Ugh. We want it.

The LaFerrari is by no means an ordinary car. Simply sighting one of these bad boys on the road will get any gearhead's heart pumping. This car evokes an emotional response like not many other vehicles can. After all, the LaFerrari is a modern mechanical masterpiece on wheels. This particular red LaFerrari that was spotted in New Vernon, New Jersey, gives you an opportunity to have a proper look at the vehicle. From driving on the road, to revving the engine and checking out the interior detail, this video really has it all.

We can't help but feel extremely envious when we see a video like this because, for most of us, this is about as close as it may ever get to owning one of these exquisite dream machines. Check it out.

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