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This Lambo Miura SV Just Sold For $2.2 Million, But There's Another Coming Up

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And look, they're both blue!

What could be better than a Lamborghini Miura? A Miura SV, that's what. Unfortunately, with only 150 made, the original Super Veloce (also known as the P400 SV) can be hard to come by. But in a rather unusual turn of events, one just sold at auction, and there's another coming up next month – both of them blue, oddly enough.

The prototypical supercar, the Miura was one of the first mid-engined cars ever brought to market. It kicked off a long line of twelve-cylinder Lambos leading straight through the Countach, Diablo, and Murcielago to today's Aventador.

Unlike those that came after, the engine is mounted longitudinally, giving it an unusually wide stance. But like its modern successor, it yielded an SV version – which not only imbued it with more power, but helped address the Miura's notoriously twitchy front-end handling. The additional 15 horsepower bumped output up to 380 hp. That may not seem like much these days when you can get as much in a hot hatch, but bear in mind that the most you could get in a Porsche 911 at the time was 190 hp.

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The example pictured most dramatically in the first set of photos was consigned to RM Sotheby's by noted radio host and certified car nut Adam Carolla. It sold at the Petersen Automotive Museum this past weekend for $2.2 million – which is towards the upper end of the spectrum (though not quite a new record). If that strikes you as a reasonable amount to spend on a car, first of all, we'd like to be your friend. But more importantly, there's another of the same coming up for grabs as part of Bonhams' Scottsdale auction next month in Arizona.