This Lamborghini Aventador Desk Costs More Than Your Car

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But you'll definitely have the coolest office.

We've seen some crazy items made from car parts. One company turned a Lamborghini exhaust system into a home speaker costing a whopping $24,000. Car furniture is nothing new, but the level of detail has become staggering. That race car bed you had as a kid is nothing compared to some of the couches and desks from a company called Design Epicentrum.

The company specializes in building furniture that looks exactly like a high-dollar supercar and has just released a new limited edition office desk based on the Lamborghini Aventador. But like the Italian supercar, it doesn't come cheap.

For car enthusiasts with the scratch to liven up their workspace, the Aventador desk will set you back €30,000 (around $35,150) - that's more than a fully-loaded Mazda Miata RF. This is an absurd amount of money to spend on a desk, but we're sure there will be no shortage of wealthy individuals lining up to buy one of the 44 examples.

Since the desk is being produced in such limited numbers, it will actually be rarer than the limited edition Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

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All 44 examples will be built to order, and customers can select from up to 200 available colors. Design Epicentrum hand builds it out of fiberglass and it comes with a scratch-resistant worktop. The details are incredibly accurate to the real thing, although we doubt the Polish design house has the rights to use the Lamborghini emblem. You can easily go online and buy one if you need it, however.

Buyers can even option a glass shelf on top of the desk or on the car's hood, backlit LED headlights, and LED lights under the desk. If we had the money, we'd pair this desk with a Porsche desk chair and lay back in the coolest automotive office of all time.

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