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This Lamborghini Countach Had A Very Famous Owner

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And it can now be yours (for a small fortune).

This is not the first time one of racing legend Mario Andretti's personal cars has gone up for sale - heck, it isn't even the first time a Lamborghini Countach formerly owned by Andretti has gone up for sale. But any time a rare, vintage supercar owned by a famous race car driver becomes available, it is bound to attract some wealthy buyers. A dealership called Motor Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is selling a 1984 Countach LP 5000 S model, formerly owned by the Formula 1 World Champion, Nascar Daytona 500 winner, Le Mans 24 Hour winner, and Indianapolis 500 winner.

As you'd expect from a racing legend, Andretti had an excellent taste in cars. In addition to this 1984 Countach, Andretti has reportedly owned a 1989 Anniversary Countach, a 1991 Diablo, a Murcielago, and an Aventador. This particular example is one of just 348 LP 5000 S models Lamborghini built back in the '80s. It is powered by a 4.8-liter carbureted V12 producing 371 horsepower linked to a five-speed manual transmission sending power to fat rear tires.

The red exterior paired with a tan interior is one of the best color combinations offered on the Countach and this particular example has a few Andretti-specific embellishments. On the outside, Andretti had a special pinstripe with his logo pained along the bodywork, and the mirror caps bear his name.

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Motor Gallery says the car was just given a "major mechanical refurbishment" where the engine was pulled out and "any work needed was addressed." The car has been driven 17,715 kilometers (around 11,000 miles) and is currently being offered for $499,000. It may be possible to find a Countach for less, but probably not with the same celebrity pedigree as this one. Having another person's name on the car might feel strange but the Andretti touches make this Countach one-of-a-kind.