This Lamborghini Countach Replica Isn’t Fooling Anyone

Or is it?

To be fair to this Lambo replica, we’ve come across plenty of these over the years, and this is by far one of the best. Spotted in Mumbai, India, of all places, the iconic eighties supercar has been finished in red gloss paint, and besides a dodgy set of head- and taillights, and a compressed-looking wheelbase, it doesn’t look half bad. Especially when it hits the streets besides local favroites the Tata Nano, Maruti Alto and Mahindra Bolero.

No doubt locals will enjoy seeing the Countach kit car on their roads, but given the city formerly known as Bombay is India’s capital of commerce, finance, and entertainment, they are already pretty used to seeing fancy supercars cruising around. That said, this Countach is sure to turn heads.

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