This Lamborghini Miura Was Seized By The Mafia And Now It's Being Restored

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No bodies were found inside.

Before you start any project car you need to know what you could potentially be getting into. Did you budget everything accurately? Do you have access to the right parts? Do you even know what you're doing? How's the state of your marriage? It could all potentially come crashing down if the restoration doesn't go as planned. And that's why we have immense respect for this guy. He's in the process of restoring a 1969 Lamborghini Miura. Specifically, it's a '69 Series II P400S, chassis number 3850, and it has quite the interesting history.

Originally painted Deep Green with a Mustard interior, it's on record that it was returned to the Lamborghini factory at least once for updates and repairs. It was delivered again in 1970, now painted yellow and packing a new V12 engine. At a later date, it was equipped with an SV front clip, cylinder head modifications, SV rear A-arms, and SV badging. It was later bought by its current owner on a trip to Italy in 1973, and imported to Chicago. So, long story short, the guy drove it for some time but he chose the wrong repair shop to bring it to for maintenance. The shop was involved with the local mafia and the car was seized because of a financial dispute. The owner had to pay the mafia to get the car back.

Anyway, same long story even shorter, the car bounced around between several specialty repair garages for several years and ended up nearly wasting away in storage.

After more legal proceedings, this time legal, the car was returned to its owner and his family. And now its restoration has begun. But remember, restoring a Miura to its original condition is anything but simple. It's not your typical restoration job and everything about it is complicated. It's Italian, after all.

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