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This Lamborghini Murcielago Getting Deliberately Destroyed Is Hard To Watch

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Commit a car crime in Taiwan, and you won't just get fined: Your supercar will get destroyed.

Seeing expensive supercars get wrecked in accidents is hard to swallow for car enthusiasts, but watching one get deliberately destroyed is downright torturous and borders on car cruelty. That's exactly what happened recently in Taiwan, though. This video shows the senseless destruction of a Lamborghini Murcielago worth over $300,000. Apparently, this is your punishment in that country if your car doesn't meet road standards. Seriously.

The owner reportedly had his Murcielago confiscated by police two years ago for not having a registered license. He was fined, but repeatedly appealed the court's decision. His appeals were repeatedly rejected. So, to set an example, the Taiwanese government sent the 632-hp supercar to a scrap yard and ordered it destroyed.

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The heartless crane operator sets about dismembering the rear panels of the Lambo before the video cuts to the finished job of the mangled Murcielago reduced to an unrecognizable wreck. It's hard to watch. According to Taiwan News, the demolition job didn't go quite according to plan. Because of "the unusual structure of the car," the crane was supposed to remove the engine and the gearbox but ended up getting damaged. In the end, it took over two hours to turn the Murcielago into scrap metal. So, let that be a warning: iIf you repeatedly commit car crimes in Taiwan, this is what will happen. Hat tip to reader Aston Churn for sharing this story with us!