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Why Does This Lamborghini Murcielago Cost Only $65,000?

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Right. So, this happened.

Only 4,099 examples were built and, sadly, not all of them are still in existence. Do we need to add another one to the 'deceased' category? Perhaps, but not all may be lost. This 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago looks pretty good from nearly every angle except for one. You know, from where another car slammed into it and caused the immense damage you're looking. And it could be yours.

Up for sale on Copart, our go-to auction site for viewing crashed exotics, is this Murcielago with only 23,433 miles on its clock. Yes, there's damage. Yes, it's not pretty. But is it repairable? Possibly. Look, we've seen McLaren F1s and Koenigseggs suffer even more serious damage than this and, somehow, they were repaired to like new condition.

Anything can be possible when there's enough money involved. But is it worth salvaging this Murcielago? We think so and, as of this writing, the highest bid is a surprising $65,000, though that doesn't meet the seller's reserve. That's still a lot dough for something in this condition. Point being, someone thinks it can be fixed. Its estimated retail value is listed at $167,423, which sounds about right. Taking $100k or so off that value is probably about right, all things considered. The Murcielago was updated for 2006 after five years on the market, newly dubbed the LP 640. Engine displacement for the V12 was increased from 6.2- to 6.5-liters for a new total of 631 hp, up from 572 hp.

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Power is sent to all four wheels through either a six-speed manual or a six-speed semi-automatic transmission. The Murcielago in question is equipped with the latter. The ad claims the car does start and runs at idle, but there is no guarantee included in the sale. Buy at your own risk. The interior appears to be in generally fine condition and we love that yellow and black color scheme. It matches the exterior beautifully.