This Lamborghini Owner Shows Why It Really Sucks To Own A Supercar


This Lambo's soft side got its owner in trouble.

Supercar owners have it rough. As if the cars weren't expensive enough, you also have the fact that you cant go anywhere without being chased by cellphone-wielding peasants, road trips feel like the Oregon trail, and any small bump becomes a potential repair bill. Even police pay special attention to how you use the extra horsepower while you try to show off. In this case, the police's curiosity ruined this man's supercar day. The owner of this green Lamborghini was driving around with a giant teddy bear tied to the back of his Gallardo.

The poor guy was probably driving home from the mall with his kid's newest toy while praying that his Lambo didn't burst into furry flames due to the flammable hugging machine strapped over the 5.2-liter V10 engine. His biggest concern turned out to be attention from the fuzz. Chengdu's city police soon stopped the green Italian exotic and ticketed the owner, who was probably pissed enough at the lack of the Gallardo's cargo space. Of course, the green Lamborghini with a giant teddy bear strapped to its back turned into a spectator party for obvious reasons and now this man's bad day is on the internet for all to see. This is a perfect example of just how hard a day in the life of a supercar owner is.


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