This Lamborghini Urus Is Actually A Twin-Turbo LS-Fed Chevy Tahoe

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TrickFactory Customs is gracing us with a truly memorable project.

We don't know about you, but when we think of the genre-defying Lamborghini Urus SUV, our next thought isn't the 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe, but we aren't in the Youtube custom car building community like TrickFactory Customs is. The shop out of Canada has taken it upon itself to repurpose the body from a wrecked Urus onto the frame of an old Tahoe, give it a twin-turbo V8 pushing 1,000 horsepower, and then watch the internet explode.

The project spawned from not wanting to let the poor Urus frame go to waste. The vehicle was purchased so that the drivetrain could be used in another project, but why work on one project when you can work on two? After acquiring a Chevy Tahoe from a viewer for ridiculously cheap, the crew realized the Urus would fit on the frame almost perfectly, and the shop just so happened to have a twin-turbo LS kit kicking around. What are the odds?

TrickFactory Customs
TrickFactory Customs

The series, which is already on its sixth part, has seen the crew tear down the Urus, straighten it, and also install the twin-turbo kit on the Tahoe. It's a serious undertaking that has seen the crew fabricate, re-engineer, and improvise its way through the uncharted waters of creating an off-road Urus/Tahoe beast.

The "Lambolet," as they affectionately call it, still needs the roll cage and exoskeleton finished, then they'll tackle actually getting the body onto the frame. How they plan on doing that exactly remains to be seen, but we imagine it'll be a "measure twice cut once" type situation.

Even if it's a little rough around the edges, we won't mind. We wanna see this thing tackle wild trails like Hell's Gate, fall over, and try again.

TrickFactory Customs

This whole project has us wondering what a proper off-road Urus from the factory would look like. With the Urus Performante recently coming out, we were introduced to the SUV's new Rally mode. Not exactly something you'd use to cross the Mojave, but the big brute looks exceptionally comfortable on uncomfortable terrain.

Still, though, one mode is a far cry from a true off-road vehicle. Surprisingly, the Lamborghini that actually received the off-road treatment is the Huracan Sterrato. Fender flares, trail lights, skid plates, and the intake on the roof; the only thing it's missing is an owner that will actually use it. All of these things can easily be transplanted into the Urus and will surely help Lamborghini's best-seller become an even hotter commodity.

Then again, Lamborghini's oversight makes this wild beast all the more unique. We can't wait to see the Lambolet completed.


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