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Tuner Wants $60k To Uglify The Lamborghini Urus

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There's no mention of more power, either.

The Lamborghini Urus has the kind of aggressive design that makes it look more like a raised supercar than an SUV, yet Russia-based Topcar Design felt that there more could be done. They have just announced the final pricing and details of a body kit for this 641 horsepower bruiser.

We commented on this kit a little while back when Topcar were in the final phases of their design and the kit now comprises of a redesigned hood, front bumper extension, side splitters and fender extensions for front and rear, door moldings, rear bumper diffuser, and two rear spoilers. Every component is made out of carbon fiber and varnished but can also be painted in the car's body color if desired.

A unique feature of the Topcar body kit is that all internal surfaces of the carbon fiber panels (that you will actually see) are trimmed with carbon-Kevlar fabric, a military-style weave pattern, and the effect is best seen under the hood. Seeing as it is currently the king of the fast SUV brigade, the added visual drama of the body kit will work well with the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, which rockets the Urus to 62 mph in 3.6-seconds and tops out at 190 mph.

Independent tests have shown it to be even quicker than Lamborghini claims, so a power hike is not exactly necessary here. The Topcar kit may stick to visual modifications but there are likely to be plenty of engine upgrades from other tuning specialists for this model in the future.

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The 20-inch forged wheels are also a Topcar design and feature staggered tires front and rear. The cost for the complete kit at current exchange rates, including wheels, is approximately $59,700. If you actually want it all fitted too then that will be an additional $4,700.

Not exactly pocket change, but then again, carbon fiber parts never are. It's a good thing then that every component can be ordered individually so cash-strapped Urus owners (if there are any) can add bits each month if they wish.