This Land Rover Defender Will Make You Hate US Safety And Emissions Regulations

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Pesky government rules always ruin the fun.

Land Rover had to stop selling its iconic Defender in the US in 1997 because it to no longer met safety and emissions regulations. Defenders that are at least 25 years old can still be imported. That's great but it still means US off-road enthusiasts can't buy one of the last Defenders, before production ends after 67 years, this winter. But another milestone has happened: the 2,000,000th Defender has just been built, and it'll be going up for auction this December.

Jaguar Land Rover

Land Rover understandably is making a big deal out of this, and even enlisted outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls to help build the thing on the assembly line. Because of its special status, this Defender comes with many distinctive touches, such as a map of Red Wharf Bay - where the design for the original Land Rover was drawn in the sand – that's been engraved into the aluminum fender. The obvious "2,000,000" logos have been stitched into the headrests. There's also an aluminum plaque signed by the assembly crew. Funds from the auction will be donated to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Born Free Foundation. A full reveal will happen this weekend at Goodwood.

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